Ian McFarlane

Ian McFarlane.jpg

In this episode I’m hanging out with photographer and artist Ian McFarlane. He’s been at it for about 30 years. We talk about the days before digital and the difference between making art, and creating commercial images for a client. But there’s more, so you have to listen. We are joined by his dog Daisy who for most of the hour was a very good girl! This was time well spent. I think you’ll get in to it.


Ben and Katie of Dominar


In this episode I talk to the two talented and hard working film makers running one of Georgia most prolific film production companies. Director Benjamen Roberts and Producer Katie Gregg of Dominar Films. I showed up at their office after work one day and started asking questions. I have already begun the list of questions for the next time we meet.

They are responsible for several other worldly music videos as well as 9 award winners of various film festivals and competitions. This was great!